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Hot & Cold Compress Blackhead Remover

1. Does it work for my skin type?

The hot & cold compare blackhead remover works with every skin type. Whether you have oil skin, dry skin or combination skin this device works wonders.

 2.How many modes does this device have?

This new generation blackhead remover has 5 modes that is suitable for all skin types as well as beginners. you can suck out blackhead, improve the cutin, reduce the grease, remove acne, contractive pores, and lift and firm.

3. Does the vacuum negative absorption hurt?

No it does not hurt. The vacuum negative suction pressure technology is adopted to reduce the internal air pressure of the tips and suck blackheads, grease, and other dirt deep in the skin.

4. Will this device damage my skin?

The constant absorption  does not damage pores or the skin. The hot and cold compress nurse your skin to prevent it from becoming red and purple.

5. Will the material cause any irritation to my skin?

The device is made with skin friendly materials, soft resin tips that won't irritate your skin.

6. How will I charge the device?

The device comes with a USB charger.




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