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BERLA 2 in 1 Thermal Facial Brush: a review

The year 2020 has become the year of wellness. Personally, I’ve been focusing on overall self-care as well as skin care. As a person with eczema, I do not and will not allow just any products or tools to touch my face. With that in mind, I choose to invest in skin products and make up that are high end in comparison to drugstore options. When it comes to face brushes, I’ve always been skeptical about its effectiveness until I was given the opportunity to try the Berla 2 in 1Thermal Facial Cleansing Brush.

With all of this said, I’d like to highlight the following thoughts that I had in my first month using the brush at least 4-5 times a week:


1.Size and Packaging

My first concern when being told about the brush, was that I’d need to find space on my already crowded bathroom shelf. Between my natural hair products and skin care, my shelf honestly didn’t have space for much more. To my pleasant surprise, the brush came in a beautiful and neat navy-blue box with the Berla Beauty logo on top. The box is not large at all (yes, I still have it) and that alone relieved any stress of having to figure out where to place it.

The brush itself does not disappoint when it comes to size. It comfortably fits in the palm of my hand; making it feel very natural during usage. It also has its own stand making it even easier to store after use. The brush is also rechargeable. It can be charged in its stand making space a continued non-issue.

2. Brush - Cleansing

Okay so here’s the thing, I don’t always have time to give my face true TLC and will sometimes rush through washing it. This brush has helped to give my face a proper wash on those days where I’m in a rush to get to work. What makes everything better is that the bristles are not harsh on skin, so it cleanses without damage. On top of everyday dirt, the brush gave me the best wash after wearing makeup. I randomly decided to put on a full face one day and when it came to cleansing my face, almost all of the makeup came off. I’m usually scrubbing and exfoliating for full removal, but the brush expedited the process.



There are five different vibration settings. To turn on the device, you just hold down on the power button and click through the different settings. The first three are for washing with speeds ranging from light to high. My personal favorite setting of the three is the highest speed as it doubles as a massager in some parts of my face. The last two are heat and heat with vibration. There seems to be a setting for everyone.

Brush - THE HEAT

 The heat options are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE features on this brush! These settings deserved their own review in my humble opinion. I was concerned that it would not work well with my face moisturizer, but it worked perfectly. Shea butter is my preferred item to use as a moisturizer but when paired the heat and vibration. WHEW! My face felt soft like a baby’s bottom and MOIST. I admired my face in the mirror manytimes the next day. The heat, vibration and shea butter also make for a nice face massaged. It's continued to do the job and I’m LOVING it.


The Berla Beauty 2 in 1 Thermal Facial Cleansing Brush has been a game changer in my life. My face is cleaner than before and moisturizing has been brought to new levels. I’m excited to try more Berla Beauty products. Matter of fact let me go fill up my cart now.


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