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Who We Are

Berla Beauty was born out of one woman’s need for makeup and skincare products that help her feel comfortable in her own sensitive skin. Now, it’s a brand ready to help women all over the world feel beautiful with healthy, gentle, and effective ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a blush or face serum, you can browse Berla Beauty’s product line knowing that whatever item you buy will be kind to your skin.

About Us

Have you ever tried a new concealer and seen new pimples arise within hours? Or tested out a new face wash and been met with a painful burning sensation? What about putting on expensive foundation for the first time only for it to show off all of your dry patches in HD? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone.

There are many players in the beauty industry that focus more on product aesthetic than product quality, but you deserve the best of both worlds. Whether you have combination, oily, dry, flaky, or any other skin type, Berla Beauty was created with you in mind, offering cute and conscious products that will outlast any fleeting trend.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to clean beauty is implemented at every level of our process. We source a good part of our ingredients from Canadian farms as well, as part of our pledge to support the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint while ensuring the freshness of the ingredients.

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